How does a Superhero get their powers?

May 4, 2020 3:53 pm


Origin stories are always a bit interesting. At least they answer one of the most pertinent questions, namely, “how did you get like this?”. If you look at how these Heroes get their powers it’s generally by accident or absolutely nothing to do with them doing anything to cause it.. A case in point is the recent Amazon Prime hit “The Boys”. In this series the Superheros have been the subject of a secret corporate plan to inject babies with a formula to give them powers (as opposed to them being a “gift from God” which they are told).

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It usually transpires that they get hit by, bitten by, fall into or are exposed to a force of something or other which alters them. If thishappened in  reality they would probably be dead. For example, if you were bathed in Plasma Spray far from it giving you a hardened ceramic skin armour it would actually mean a trip to A&E.

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Don’t believe me? Spiderman gets bitten by a radioactive spider, Superman gets his from our Sun’s rays, he’s not like that on his own Planet Krypton. The Fantastic Four are hit by cosmic rays. Wolverine has his adamantium bones, power to heal and claws as part of a military experiment. None of them asked for it. As Howard points out to Raj in the Big Bang Theory when some colleagues get bitten by a lab rat all they get is a tetanus shot.