The oldest trees in Europe

June 8, 2020 12:22 pm


In the heart of North Italy lives the oldest tree in Europe. It is named Italus and it’s apparently having a growth spurt. It was believed that a tree in Bosnia, named Adonis, was the oldest at one thousand and seventy five years old. However, it seems that after dating Italus this tree is up to one thousand and two hundred years old. They are still babies compared to Methuselah, the oldest tree in the world, which is over four thousand years old. They will all need the attention of the Tree Surgeon Poole based company to keep them going.

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Adonis and Italus are pines. This means they fall into the category of the gymnosperms. These are trees that are Evergreens like conifers, spruce and cedar. They used a cone shaped seed to grow more of themselves. However, they were overtaken by the angiosperms like Oak, Beech and Willow because they used flowers to attract insects like Bees to spread their pollen.

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The Gymnosperms have been around a lot longer than the angiosperms as they date back to the Jurassic period. The angiosperms were just better at pollinating and spreading out. It is still hard to believe that after all these years these mighty trees are still going very strong and thriving.