Working as a legal secretary

June 5, 2020 3:51 pm


Working in the legal profession can be an exciting and varied role and this is the case for legal secretaries. These admin professionals play an important role in the day to day activities in a legal company. They may specialise in one particular area of law in terms of the solicitors that they work with or they may work across a number of different legal areas. This will often depend upon the needs and set up of the legal company that they work for.

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A legal secretary will be given a desk, Draughtsman Chair like the ones from, computer and audio equipment in order to carry out their job effectively. Solicitors and other legal professionals will dictate their letters and other legal documents that will then be passed to the secretary for transcribing. They will also issue standard documents and letters to clients and in some cases will also deal with email and telephone enquiries from the clients.

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No specific qualifications are needed in order to work as a legal secretary but a good level of English, good technological skills and accurate typing skills are all necessary in order to be able to be effective at the role.