Pre-Event Planning

June 17, 2020 10:11 am


If you are planning a corporate event then there are things that are really useful to you beforehand to make sure this event is well attended and will be remembered well. Some elements are more important to focus on than others and that is what experience will teach you along the way. There will always be deadlines and budgets so here are some useful tips to help you prioritize:

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When planning the agenda, be sure to leave plenty of time for networking. If you want people to focus when there is talk or speaker, make sure they also get a chance to grab a coffee and mingle during breaks. Many people attend events for the networking, so be sure to factor in time for this to take place. For a great Motivational Speaker UK, consider a site like Adventureman, a leading Motivational Speaker UK

Do not skimp on the invitations. A well-designed and stylish invitation will be much more interesting than just sending an email. You want to set the tone immediately and invitations with modern fonts, colours that are visually impressive will attract people from the beginning. Do not forget important details though such as date, location, contact information and the name of your company.

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Allow plenty of time for Q & A sessions after the presentation because when the floor is opened up for questions, this is where things can get really interesting and it isn’t a good idea to come to a premature stop.

Make sure that your company’s branding remains very visible throughout the event. A company logo should be displayed on the screen, the programmes, scrap paper for participants to take notes on and name lanyards, for example.